Getting Going

Apply for a provisional license from the DVLA (you can do this before your 17th birthday although it won't be valid until that date).

Contact me to discuss organising some lessons and what is involved.

The first lesson will introduce you to my vehicle with dual controls. You will learn at a pace suited to you.

You will be given a Progress Record and Appointment Card which will allow us to plan the lessons, maximising the time to cover all aspects of driving.

Theory Test

When sitting the test you will use a computer. There are 2 sections to the test. The multiple choice section involves selecting the correct answer(s) onscreen. The hazard perception section involves reacting (clicking) to video clips.

You need to pass both parts at the same sitting to pass the theory test.

There is some preparation involved (which I will help you with). You can find many books, PC applications and websites that can help with your preparation and revision. NOTE: From January 2012 the official questions will no longer be published making good revision essential.

Practical Test

The driving test is designed to see if you can drive safely under typical road & traffic conditions in both town & rural situations and will last for approximately 35 to 40 minutes.

After an eyesight check (which you must pass) the examiner will ask two "show me/tell me" questions about vehicle safety checks. You will be briefed on the test before setting off.

You are allowed 15 minor driving faults but no serious or dangerous faults. The average number of faults in a test is 8.

My lessons will cover all aspects of the test.